65-point safety check in Kirwan

Mechanic completing vehicle inspection - Vehicle in Kirwan QLD

A Detailed Vehicle Inspection

Our 65-point safety check is a comprehensive test that can identify any vehicle issue before they turn into a significant safety problem and an expensive repair. This test is approved by Repco Car Care and performed by trained and experienced technicians. Many clients from Kirwan, Townsville and the surrounding areas come to BIPS Automotive Service Centre to receive a detailed report on their vehicle’s condition.
Here is an overview of the sections covered by our 65-point safety check:
  • Road test – it includes checking power train operation, noise & vibrations
  • Under the hood inspection – a detailed check of everything from engine oil & brake fluid to the air conditioning system
  • Under the vehicle check – we look for potential leaks of gearbox & differential oils & assess the state of your springs, ball joints & other components
  • Exterior & interior – our team inspects the windscreen, paintwork, wipers, horn-tone, lighting, etc.

Why Do You Need a 65-Point Vehicle Inspection Report?

We listed a few reasons why you should consider checking your car with our 65-point safety check:
  • Going on a long trip – are you going on a holiday to another state? If you expect to drive your car for a long time, you should be ready for various driving conditions. It is why you should ensure your car can handle everything that might come your way.
  • Lack of fluids causes breaking down – you should inspect fluid levels of your vehicle regularly, especially when you are going away for a while. Our report will check all relevant vehicle fluids ranging from transmission and clutch fluid to engine oil.
  • You need maximum visibility – if you are driving at night, you want your lights to work correctly. Also, you never know when it could start raining, which is why your wipers should be ready at all times.
  • Reliable brakes maximise safety – we can inspect each component of your braking system, as well as assess steering & suspension systems.
Once the test is done, you get a detailed report on your vehicle’s current condition, as well as a list of the recommended adjustments. Our team is there in case you want us to perform those actions right away and maximise your vehicle’s performance!
Mechanic writing on clipboard - Vehicle in Kirwan QLD