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Boost Vehicle Safety & Comfort

When you say accessories, you might think that they are not crucial components of a device. However, that is not true for vehicles because even accessories can play a vital role in car performance. Modern vehicles are equipped with a wide range of accessories. The selection varies from basics like windscreen wipers and headlights to advanced equipment like reverse parking sensors and cameras.

Accessories are not only a matter of prestige but an important factor of safety. Imagine if your headlight is not working correctly? If you encounter bad weather, you might not see anything ahead of you, and that compromises your safety. That is why you should take your vehicle to BIPS Automotive Service Centre in Kirwan the moment you notice something is wrong with your headlight. The same applies to your wipers. Have you checked if they perform at an optimal rate recently? What if there is a sudden shower, and the blades cannot clean your windshield efficiently? Automatic mirrors are a convenient accessory you might consider adding to your car. They optimise your visibility at all times and can be a contributing factor in avoiding mishaps on the road.
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If you’d like assistance with parking

Reverse parking sensors and cameras are an essential feature to have in your vehicle. BIPS Automotive Service Centre is a part of the vast Repco authorised network. If you need any replacement parts or would like to mount new accessories on your vehicle, we can get high-quality components in the shortest timeframe possible.

If you are looking to maximise the safety and comfort of using your vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment with our experienced technicians. We can perform the necessary repairs and recommend useful accessories to make using your vehicle more convenient.
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