Brake repairs in Kirwan


Keep Your Brakes Reliable

Do you feel your brakes are too noisy? Is there a vibration while braking or the brake warning light is on?

Brakes are a critical component of any vehicle, and it is crucial to maintain them regularly. BIPS Automotive Service Centre can perform a detailed inspection of ABS brakes and other modern braking systems and handle the necessary adjustments to optimise its performance.

The moment you notice your brakes aren’t performing well, bring your vehicle in to us. BIPS is a Repco authorised service centre, and our trained technicians will provide a detailed brake inspection and testing. We offer SafeTstop testing to analyse and maximise your vehicle’s stopping performance.
Changing brake disc - Repair in Kirwan QLD
Mechanic checking brakes - Repair

What Brake Services Do You Provide?

Here is an overview of the services to expect at BIPS Automotive:

  • Brake pad replacement – we can recommend suitable brake pads for your vehicle & replace them as soon as possible.
  • Brake fluid flush – experts recommend flushing brake fluid every two years to optimise system performance. After flushing it, we will also add fresh brake fluid to the system.
  • Brake disc & drum – our experts can estimate whether machining & resurfacing your disc and drums is enough, or you will need a replacement.



SafeTstop is a particular test that analyses your braking and suspension to maximise stopping performance. The test is approved by the Repco car care and performed with PlateTronic test equipment.

This test involves a detailed and scientific-based analysis, which can confirm that you can rely on your braking system once you are out on the open road. SafeTstop uses electrical equipment to simulate the brake performance of a vehicle in various road conditions.

Based on that assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report on what adjustments to make to maximise the performance of your braking system.
Repairing car brake - Repair in Kirwan QLD