Affordable car service in Kirwan


Resolve any Car-Related Issue

Whether you bought a new car, or you have a vehicle for a long time, you need a reliable mechanic. BIPS Automotive Service Centre is capable of providing comprehensive car services to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

While all cars have a limited lifespan, you can maximise their longevity and prevent significant issues with proper maintenance. At BIPS, our technicians are Auto-Tech trained, which means they have the required technical information and training about the newest technology used in the auto mechanic industry.
Car repair service - Repair in Kirwan QLD
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Full Car Servicing

The most significant advantage of being authorised by Repco is that our mechanics are trained to service most car makes and models. Whether you need a simple oil change, a fuel injector clean, or a complicated repair, you can trust us to resolve the issue efficiently.
Here is an overview of car maintenance and repair services that we provide:

  • Exhaust – we can inspect & repair leaks, deterioration & other types of damage
  • Fuel system – our team can clean the fuel injector to optimise its performance, assess fuel filter & lines & perform other tune-ups if necessary
  • Engine – BIPS gathers experienced technicians that can tackle minor & expensive engine repairs
Thanks to being a member of the Repco network, we can get any replacement parts quickly. Any spare components that we use are of the highest quality, and you will always receive a detailed report of the work done. Are you stuck on the road, and you can’t start your vehicle? Our primary concern is customer satisfaction, which is why our services include roadside assistance!

Logbook Servicing

If you purchase a new car, you will receive a logbook and a warranty. A logbook is a manual that includes the recommended maintenance task list and schedule. Many people think they have to take the vehicle to an official dealership to keep their warranty active. However, you can also perform logbook services at any Repco Authorised Service centre. BIPS is a part of the Repco Group, and we can provide logbook servicing while maintaining your warranty.
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Auto Electrical Services

Electrical components have become an integral part of today’s vehicles. Signs that something is wrong with the electrical system are warning lights showing up on the board, or not being able to start the vehicle.

At BIPS, we can perform detailed diagnostics with modern scanning equipment. That determines which parts require servicing, and our technicians get to fixing the issue immediately to ensure you get back on the road quickly.