Tyres & wheels in Kirwan


Is It Time to Check Your Tyres?

The primary reason why you need to take care of your car’s tyres is safety. Tyres maintain the connection between you and the road, which is why it is vital to ensure optimal grip. They are also an essential component of your braking system, as they play a crucial role in keeping you safe in potentially dangerous situations.

BIPS Automotive Service Centre has years of experience in replacing and servicing tyres. We can check if everything works properly in order to maximise the safety and comfort of your vehicle.
Checking tyre - Tyres in Kirwan QLD
Here are some situations when you should consider visiting us:
  • You need tyre replacement from a Repco authorised service
  • Your tyres have visible damage
  • Tyres on your vehicle won’t stay inflated as long as before
  • You experience poor handling or feel a vibration while driving
  • You have low tyre tread
Don’t hesitate to come by if you feel your tyres need checking for any reason. We are also willing to share our knowledge and tell you more about the best way of maintaining tyres and your entire vehicle. Our team can also provide advice on choosing the right tyres for your vehicle.
Car stand with sensors wheels for alignment - Tyres in Kirwan QLD

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is important for braking response and precise steering, which means it contributes to both the safety and comfort of your car.

BIPS has a team of knowledgeable professionals ready to align wheels on any vehicles properly. Proper alignment means aligning the tyres relative to the vehicle’s centerline, but also each other. Having your wheels aligned might also extend their lifespan and enhance the overall driving experience.